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Re: Certificate proposal

	I rather figured there was miscommunication here.

> It occurs to me that perhaps I have been missing a point here when people
> argue that having a "man in the middle" is not that different from
> various forms of secure communication, such as where Bob has multiple
> personalities or is a committee.  I have been taking this to mean that we
> should therefore not worry about MITM attacks, which seems crazy to me.
> Instead perhaps this was meant as a "reductio ad absurdum" argument for
> why MITM attacks cannot be prevented in the scenario where people have no
> out-of-band contact.  Anything which could detect and prevent MITM
> attacks could, by this analogy, detect whether Bob had multiple
> personalities.  Since the latter is obviously impossible, the former must
> be as well.  Hence the problem has no solution and we should not
> waste much time on it.

	My point is not that MITM has no solution and that time should
not be wasted but that context (in many cases out-of-band contact, but
not necesarily) is an important factor when dealing with MITM. A
context-free situation is not a very useful thing to look at when
trying to solve MITM -- MITM should be looked at in context-based

> I don't fully agree with this but at least it is not as bizarre as the
> first interpretation.
> Hal

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