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Re: Java bugs found?

After I noticed the file had been pulled, I recovered its contents from my 
netscape cache (thanks, netscape!):

  Netscape was notified on Sunday 10/8/95 by Sun Microsystems that there
is a serious security hole in their Java system that we are including in
some Beta Test versions of Netscape Navigator 2.0.  We are removing all
Java enabled Navigator Beta distributions from our FTP site until we can
address this problem.  The effected versions are 32-Bit Windows, Sun Unix,
and SGI Unix.  Thank you for your patience.

> Anyone from Netscape care to comment?
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> Date: Mon, 09 Oct 95 14:12:41 -0400
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> Subject: Re: Netscape 2.0b1 for Win95
> Terence Chr Haddock <[email protected]>  writes:
> >
> >       Where is the 32-bit version of Netscape2.0? I can only find the
> > 16-bit. This may be because I have only been able to get on ftp4,ftp5,
> > and not ftp.netscape.com. Sorry if this is a stupid question.
> Netscape pulled all the 2.0 betas that supported Java yesterday,
> due to a recently discovered Java security hole.  So the 32 bit
> Windows versions, SunOS, Solaris and SGI versions were removed.
> There was a README explaining this there last night, but I can't
> find it today.
> Andrew
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