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Re: How to hold a key signing party?

Joe Block writes:
> What I have in mind is to have everyone who is planning on attending send
> me their key and its fingerprint.  I'll collate the lot and print enough
> copies of the list of names/fingerprints so that once everyone shows up,
> each person can get a handout.  Everyone presents ID showing who they are
> and reads off their fingerprint so the attendees can check them on their
> handout.  Afterwards, I'll email all attendees the keys so they can sign
> them and mail them back to me.  Once I receive the signed keys, I'll
> redistribute them back to the owners & attendees.

What you describe is the method we use at IETF meetings (we always
have key signing parties) and it is about as efficient as you can hope
for. The one proviso I'll add is that you really don't need people to
show ID -- thats up to the people signing the keys...