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Re: Hal's Third Challenge?

> IMHO we owe Netscape some counter pr against m$, we've proved our point to
> Netscape and they performed admirally by being open and responsible to the
> net.community. Whilst it didnt seem to dent their share value, they did cop

	<yawn> This is old news. http://www.c2.org/hackmsoft/ has been
around for multiple weeks now.

> some bad press (and some media weenies still think their product is broken)
> because of the groups efforts. What goads me is m$ trying to use this in
> their press dealing and acting like this is entirely different from their
> situation. Seems to me they need it proved to them that because of their
> proprietary attitude they are in a worse position. In short bring them down
> to earth and serve their ego to them on a plate.
> Cheers,
> Mark
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