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PKP Lawsuit progress report

I have a lawsuit against Public Key Partners and RSA Data Security.
(Schlafly v. PKP & RSA, Case C-94-20512 SW PVT.)

(1) PKP has been ordered dissolved by an arbiter.  The MIT patent
returns to RSA Data Security, and the Stanford patents go under the
control of Cylink.  I am happy to report that my lawsuit contributed
to this outcome.

(2) I will soon be deposing:

	Whit Diffie
	Ralph Merkle
	Martin Hellman
	Ron Rivest

I will be asking all the obvious questions.  My purpose is to break
their patents.  Does anyone have anything special for me to ask?
If so, please send me your ideas.

(3) There will be a hearing on the patent validity (and a couple of
annoying technical legal issues) at 10:00 am, Dec. 6, 1995, in the
court of Judge Spencer Williams, Federal Bldg, 280 S. First St,
San Jose CA 95113.  The US court clerk is at 408-291-7783.  It is
open to the public.

Roger Schlafly
[email protected]