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Re: MITM evasion

The message below (posted earlier today) caught my attention - I believe it
is a (fake?) MITM-generated message, because Tim's sig file has changed
recently (new domain name (got.net) and a disclaimer was added). The sig
attached to this anonymous message is at least a month out of date.

Even if this isn't just a mistake, it's not a true MITM attack, since this
is a third party /not/ between Tim and toad.com ... more of a spoof.

Do I win anything?

>Return-Path: [email protected]
>Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 09:55:07 +0100
>Subject: MITM evasion
>To: [email protected]
>Subject: MITM evasion
>From: [email protected] (Anonymous)


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>Sender: [email protected]
>Two years ago, I pointed out that getting a single message past
>the man in the middle isn't good enough; you have to convince your

                                 Unconvinced, for one ^^^^^^^^

>readers that the key they received on one channel is more accurate
>than the key they're receiving on all the other channels.
>But if they'll believe that, they may also believe the man in the middle's
>announcement that the key in your name on all the keyservers is
>wrong, and the correct key is the one he's putting out.
>Can't win either way, but it's still important to get the key out.
>My current key is 0x54696D4D; the fingerprint is 
>4D 65 44 75 53 61 21 2F   41 73 55 64 85 6D 21 7F.

This key isn't registered with the MIT keyserver; not proof in any sense,
but worth mentioning.

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