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[Noise] FWD:Want to trade UNIX skills for Laissez Faire Books?

Given the large number of non-statists on this list, here is a brief
forward FYI:
>Date: 10/11/95 0:34
>From: [email protected]
>I'm looking for someone to help me with the technical aspects of Laissez
>Faire Books' Internet presence. I need someone who has knowledge of unix
>systems and can modify perl scripts... and has the *time* to do a little
>work on our new Web site. Hopefully this would be the start of an on-going
>Most importantly, I'm looking for an enthusiastic libertarian who doesn't
>mind being paid with book credit and a kind "thank you" instead of cash. :-)
>Know anyone who might be interested?
>Chris Whitten           [email protected]           Ask me about...

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