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Public Awarreness of Security

     On October 11, 1995, John Markoff of the NYTimes writes:
     "Newly publicized weaknesses in the basic structure of the Internet 
     .. advantage of the fault-finding talents of the Berkeley researchers 
     and other like-minded experts, the company announced a contest today 
     called Netscape Bugs Bounty
     On October 11, 1995, Joan E. Rigdon of the Wall Street Journal writes: 
     "The software industry is starting to sweep the bugs out of the closet 
     ... Netscape is trying to systematically tap the intelligence of the 
     hackers instead of randomly waiting for them to find mistakes.
     Both of these stories bring out not only the flaws in the Internet and 
     software to use the Internet, but also the work going on both at the 
     software developers as well as that by groups such as ours that are 
     active in identifying the risks.
     Congratulations to the Cypherpunks
     Martin G. Diehl