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Re: Netscape & Fortessa

Lucky Green writes:
> Yes, it might, because of the strong support by vendors for voluntary GAK
> or no crypto at all. Let me explain. There are a number of indicators that
> show that strong crypto is losing in the global marketplace. Example: the
> charter of the new IETF Internet Payment Systems working group requires
> that the use of crypto be limited. In the discussion about the charter,
> the near unanimous consent (with myself as the sole dissenter) was that
> crypto may only be used for authentication, not confidentiality.

I wasn't aware of that -- I believe that this may have happened
because those of us who cared didn't attend the zoo in Stockholm. The
meeting was a complete joke, with the Microsoft people and others
making it clear that they didn't intend to follow the process. Many of
us who cared decided to do better things with our time instead of
showing up in the aptly named Weapons room for the second session.