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Re: Elementrix POTP


I forwarded:

>> Unfortunately, and we really mean unfortunately, we can only reveal what 
>>"it is" to people who agree to a non-disclosure arrangement while we're 
>>patent pending. Otherwise we would have no problem revealing the whole 
>>method. So far, every international expert who has reviewed the method 
>>agrees (after many, many hours and days of trying to find holes) that POTP 
>>really does what we say it does.

and Kari asked:

>Maybe you could name those experts who have inspected it - thanks.

Um, in an earlier post she mentioned the venerable Mr. Kahn and
someone else whose name I forget. I think I suggested (for cypherpunk
credibility) Carl, Wei, and maybe (for the "paranoid") Perry, but
I think she just wants to take her chances with us. I suggested
also PRZ, as this would maybe help his legal fund. :) Surprisingly,
she seemed unaware of any particular NSA interest in the prod.
I assured her that they were interested, and we agreed that since
the main office of the company was in Israel there was nothing to
do on this end. She did not respond to my nosy questions about
Israel govt. ownership, or ownership period. I suppose my own
combination of nosiness, crypto relative-cluelessness, and
insistence on my own use of PGP until something's provably better
<g> was beginning to annoy her, so she said, "Go tell them this!"
to get me out of her hair. I'm still curious about how her
technology claims to do its thing, but that's why I hang with
the C-punks (at least, one reason!). ;) "We" (not me) will
(eventually) get a copy and either rake it over the coals (likely,
IMO) or "endorse" it by failing to find a weakness (not so likely,
IMO). Sorry I can't say more, but I don't know more.

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Regards, Jim Ray

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