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Re: Man in the Middle Revisited (but not for the last time)

Duncan Frissell writes:
> "Who wonders why his local B&N StuporStore has 1/2 of one section of one
> shelf unit dedicated to classics and shelf unit upon shelf unit dedicated to
> the gender-disabled, to women, to native americans, to new age mysticism,
> and other garbage.  Particularly since those interest areas represent the
> losers.  Who's interested in losers?  (We know they're losers BTW because
> we're *reading* about them in a capitalist store.  If they'd won there'd be
> no reading and no store."

This signature was:
	* completely off-topic by any stretch of the imagination
	* longer than the rest of the message
	* flamebait

Detweiler's rants are at least usually vaguely relevant to crypto & privacy.

-Futplex <[email protected]>