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Re: NYT on Internet Flaws

> I'd love to see something in there about most commercial sites being behind
> firewalls without nfs access across the firewall.  This greatly reduces the
> risk from the nfs problems.  If you get your binary via nfs from a trusted
> host inaccessible from the internet, then if you have this problem management
> can handle it as an employee problem;)  There are ways to make secure
> firewalls, it's fairly well understood.  Sometimes people point to things
> like the hack Mitnick did last Christmas, but his attack took advantage of
> a couple of things a security expert shouldn't have allowed, first and
> foremost two machines were accesible from the internet, and one of them
> trusted root logins from the other without a password:(
> I could write something up about it if you'd like.

You might want to refer the NYT to the recent study published by
Computer Security Institute (in info-sec super journal on our W3 site).

There are alse several papers there on "Internet Holes" under Network
Security in the same on-line journal.  Every month, another 5-10 holes
are added to those published in this forum.

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