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Re: SAIC bought InterNic, but who is SAIC? A spook contractor!

I used to work for SAIC. It's a legitimate beltway-bandito contractor. To 
call it a cover op is sort of missing a point. The government hardly ever 
does _anything_ itself (as, say, percentage of budget). Contractors are 
the ones who do the dirty work in the trenches.

SAIC is very widely dispersed. Each field office is responsible for 
getting it's own contracts.  Hardly any revenue flows down from HQ to the 
field offices. My boss used to say, "this place is like a McDonalds".

AS we speak, the US Navy is busy dis-establishing its Shore 
Establishment. Cost savings. The same people will do the same jobs - they 
will have merely been hired by contractors.

Alan Horowitz
[email protected]