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Re: NYT on Internet Flaws

>   I wish that folks sending to this list would realize this
> new world exists, as much as it sucks, and spend a bit more time
> double checking before posting anything alarmist.  In particular,
> there have been several recent false alarms regarding netscape
> security sent to this list and others.  While I don't want to sweep
> real security holes under the rug, I think it hurts both cypherpunk
> and netscape interests for false claims to be coming out of this
> list.  

	I completely agree that the reporters on this list make things
very difficult and people do need to be very careful about posting
things which will get misinterpreated by reporters.. but--

	This list is -not- an "announcement" list. If I see a
potential bug, I want other cypherpunks to tell me whether I am onto
something or not, so I would post. If some idiot reporter takes that
and writes an article saying "XXX has a hole" that is -EXTREMELY BAD
	I understand though, that we can't control what the reporters
say and how they interpret what we say. It is very important to word
your posts carefully such that when you post a bug a reporter won't
think that they should write an article on it until it is verified.
	It's very sad, though, that we have to be very careful about
what we post now because of the media attention. I would prefer if the
list could just be a forum where we can discuss things, but that is
not the case.

>   Just to make things clear, I'm not an official spokesperson
> for Netscape and anything sent to this list is my personal opinion.

	As if that is going to help when a reporter sees your
post. "Jeff Weinstein, Electronic Munitions Specialist at Netscape,
said, 'XXXX'" -- doesn't put you down as "spokesperson for netscape",
and doesn't contain any factual errors, but is damn misleading and
makes it sound like you are speaking for Netscape... I guess I'm
rather lucky being in charge of a sole proprietorship-- there isn't
very much difference between me speaking for myself and speaking for
my business. (There are some differences, yes, but very small.)

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