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responce to graphic encryption replies

   First, I would like to address the issue of David C.'s spam of the 
usenet. Mr. Clavedetcher does not work for nor does he represent us in 
any way. After receiving word from Cypherpunks that he had spamed the 
list I personally contacted him and informed him to cease and desist 
these actions or face legal action. We at PrivaSoft do not conduct nor 
condone such actions on the Net. During my conversation with him I 
discovered he was a zealous individual looking to make good on our 
rebate program, as per our Web page. If you should receive any further 
spams from him or any other over zealous netuser, Please contact me 
immediately. Also if you could inform me of other news groups/ lists he 
spammed so I may contact them as well regarding this. Thanx.

    Second I would like to begin addressing several of the issues 
raised by my inquiry of Graphic Encryption. Firstly Graphic Encryption 
is the scrambling of a graphic image using an encryption algorithm. In 
PrivaSoft's case the Image is that of your document, including all text 
and graphics contained therein. Syntel Sciences, the distributor of 
PrivaSoft, does not wish to publish its algorithm at this time, however 
if there is any question as to the strength of PrivaSoft and its 
Graphic Encryption engine, I would be happy to post a sample document 
for you to try and crack. Also, I have recently put together an info 
sheet on the Security provided by PrivaSoft which I can post if there 
is interest. 

    One of the key strengths, as I see it, of graphic encryption is 
that during decryption via hacking, there is an added time element when 
a human interface is required to verify the product, ( since it is a 
graphic picture being produced, regular checksums for intelligible 
words can't be used sans implementing OCR), even if this is only 10 
milliseconds per try this is increases the time to crack exponentially 
beyond that of a data encrypted document of similar key length and 
algorithm strength. 

    Once again I would like to apologize on behalf of Syntel Sciences - 
PrivaSoft for the nuisance caused by the spam done by David C. and I 
wish to reiterate that such actions are not condoned by us and will not 
be tolerated.

Steve Orrin
Mgr. Tech. Services,  PrivaSoft

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