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Re: RSA Data Security, Inc. To Exclusively License Rights to RSA

"baldwin" <[email protected] (Robert W. Baldwin)> writes:

>REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 12, 1995--RSA Data Security, Inc. 
>today announced that it is now licensing patents for the Digital Signature 
>Standard (DSS), the U.S. government standard for digital signatures.

I'm sure that everyone will join me in a rousing Bronx cheer for RSA as
they continue their efforts to monopolise public key cryptography.  If
they truly have a patent on DSS this will be yet another important
algorithm for which people have to get RSA's permission.  RSA is fast
entering the list of such well loved institutions as the Post Office and
the Internal Revenue Service as one of those places you can't avoid
dealing with no matter how you try.

"Ever been sued for patent infringement?
You will!
And the company that will stick it to you?

Hal, the intemperate.