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Cylink license fees

I just received a very informative package of information
from Bob Fougner at Cylink, which, in addition to a copy
of the relevant patents and hardcopy of the materials
available on their web page, contains a "limited time offer" to
license their patents in one of three ways:

  1) Practice of DH Key exchange & DSS:     $50,000

  2) Right to use & distribute RSA:         $62,500

  3) Ulimited field of use to practice
     public key:                            $75,000

Those interested in obtaining this information should
probably fax him at  408-735-6642 with a request for
the info. Much of the information is available online
at: http://www.cylink.com.

Obviously, anyone wishing to practice RSA would also
need to get a license from RSADSI.

Also, it is my impression that are claiming Hellman-Merkle
as the precursor patent to RSA, which means that this
situation will prevail at least through late 1997, not early
1997 (when Hellman-Diffie expires.)