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Re: (fwd) checkfree/cybercash diff

> But I cannot find any difference between cybercash wallet and checkfree wallet.
> Is it behind the open part of the tech information?

Probably we should wait for Donald Eastlake (Cybercash) or someone from
Checkfree to chime in here, but here's my understanding:

	Cybercash has a client application, which currently handles credit
cards, and will add support for EFT payments.  The Checkfree app talks
to the Cybercash gateway to the financial nets, via merchant software.

	Checkfree/Spyglass/V-One/Tandem demo'd a "Wallet" at Spring
Internet World, which currently handles credit cards, and will add support
for bill-payment and/or check-writing, via Checkfree's service.

My understanding of the technical similarities/differences:

	The credit card handling is essentially the same as iKP/STT/SEPP, etc.
however, I think Cybercash's sytem hands off the card number to the
Cybercash Server and then deals in handles, while the Checkfree system
stores the card number encrypted on the PC, and passes it along each time.
If this is true, it makes the Cybercash system reasonably resilient to off-line
local password guessing attacks.

	A feature of the Checkfree thing is that it comes pre-loaded
with a whole bunch of public keys of gateway operators (current and 
prospective).  As gateway operators come on line, they are assigned a key
from the pool.  This makes it "open" to multiple gateway operators.
The implementation I saw had only a 4-digit PIN protecting the local
card-storage file, so it is not terribly secure against anyone who gets
access to the PC.  Obviously a pass-phrase would help a lot here.

My understanding of the techno-politics:

	Cybercash will adopt STT/SEPP for credit cards, abandoning its own
wire protocol.  Both Checkfree and Cybercash will share the client app, and
add their respective support for EFT, micropayments, and check-writing.

-Larry Stewart
Open Market Inc.