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Re: NYT on Internet Flaws

The real problem seems to be that Markoff (with whom I have spoken
often in the past, and is actually *IS* a competent reporter -- usually)
seems to have taken a number of interviews with various people and
combined them, out of order with no real context into an Internet
boogey-man story.

The reason I say this is simply from the quotes by Jeff Schiller (and
the "Netscape spokesman") -- they were most certainly talking about
the recent discovery of problems with Netscape.  The "NFS" silliness,
and the thought that NFS is the mechanism by which  Internet  users
download files seems to been have stiched in for the scare value.
(We won't even get into the real-time file hijacking, etc.)

I am suprised that Jeff Schiller isn't all over this (and other lists)
spitting bullets considering the way he was (mis)quoted.

On the other hand, it could well be that John wrote a different story
and his *editors* at the NY Times decided with, um, how to put this
delicately... re-ordered the story.. um, er I mean edited it.  It
happens all the time to make stories more "effective."  (Most old
newpaper folks are scared to death of this technology and take what
swipes at it they can, whenever they can.)

BTW: If you're really unhappy with Markoff, let him know what you
think of his reporting... his email addresses used to be:

	       [email protected] and [email protected]


PS: Whatever I just said is my opinion, which should be obvious, since
its coming from my home machine(s) which are funded by me
personally... and not whomever I happen to work for from 9 to 5...

PPS: BTW John, in case you're reading this, (and anyone else) you DO
NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO QUOTE ME... period!  In fact, this posting is
Copyright (c) 1995 by David HM Spector and may not be reprinted in
whole or in part without my express written permission.  I have a
copyright lawyer; she's really good, on retainer, and loves a good
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