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Who has Copies of the "Internet Handbook"

At 5:36 AM 10/13/95, Nesta Stubbs wrote:
>On Thu, 12 Oct 1995 [email protected] wrote:
>> Can I ask a question....are you guys into cryptology for the interesting
>> facts and knowledge or fer cracking unix codes and raising havoc?
>If you look on pg. 34 of the handbook, Sect. 97.A13 says that this list
>is primarily for passing child porn and dirty limericks in unbreakable
>codes.  You really should read your Internet Handbook before asking these
>questions.  You Internet Service Provider DID give you the Official
>Internet Handbook right?

Many of us tried to get copies before the Great Handbook Renaming (*), but
were unable to. My sysadmins at Portal, then Netcom, kept promising it
would be made available, but I never saw it. In most jurisdictions the
"Internet Handbook" is simply not available.

Can't somebody make it available via an anonymous remailer? Surely they
can't be watching _all_ of the time?

In any case, as I understand things, all mentions of Cypherpunks were taken
out of the Handbook in 1993.


(* For the newbies, the Internet Handbook used to be known as "The
Protocols of the Elders of the Arpanet," but the name was changed in the
Great Renaming. It was considered controversial even back in 1973 when I
got my first Arpanet account.)

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