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Re: Flame Wars

> However, if you are really are that young your questions are
> understandable, as was your manner. I got started in computers when I
> was about eleven many, many years ago, and I remember what its like
> when you know more than most adults about technology but don't quite
> know how to interact with other technical people yet. (I also remember
<g> I remember it to.. and it was only 15 years ago.. sheesh, where has 
the time gone..

> reasons for what we do. However, many of us are interested in the
> topic for political reasons. We view cryptography as a way to ensure
> freedom and privacy for people around the world, and we try to advance
Hell, to be honest, I don't even fathom 1/2 of what is said around here.. 
but I understand the need to encrypt, have trained myself to use PGP, and 
am polically active.. I mainly use the list for a who's who of crypto and 
a referance guide to whats going on in the field.. <g>

> If you are interested in cryptography and in learning a bit about what
> we do, I suggest that you first read a good introductory book on
> cryptography like Bruce Schneier's "Applied Cryptography" (which is
> coming out in a new edition in only a few weeks) and that you listen

Trust me on this one.. I was the newbie a couple of months ago and 
stepped into it pretty big for my first time out.. Afterwards (of course)
I read the Faq's, and have lurked a lot since.. take this list slow, as 
it will eventually pay out in the info you are looking for..

-Greets to the newer newbie-