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re: anti-tamper software

Thanks to all who replied to my request, although it seems I didn't quite
make it clear what I was looking for.

I'm not particularly interested in a strong cryptographic solution, as this
isn't intended to detect intentional tampering - just unintentional, such
as a bad spot on a hard drive or corruption.  Turns out that Simtel has
a couple of such packages in /SimTel/msdos/virus - CVIRPROT.ZIP is enough
protection, although STEALTH.ZIP looked intriguing...

I was, however, interested in what Fred Cohen said about there being a generic
attack against such methods when applied to software protection against viruses
(virii?).  Is there such a generic attack, besides the obvious of jumping around
the detection code?  How about encrypting the executable, adding loader and
decryption code, then decrypting the executable at runtime - would that defeat
such an attack, or all such defenses doomed to failure?
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