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Re: Insecurity Section of the Internet Handbook

[email protected] writes:
 > For zoetrope, and others curious about the Insecurity
 > section of the Internet Handbook, we pass along this
 > Yellow Pages advert-insert comp sec teaser from
 > SAIC -- with only dribbles of cryptography. The puffery
 > appears to be artfully fattened and out-of-date. Like most
 > security porkers, SAIC sells its nitrated sec services
 > dearly (security by deep pockets of the fearful engorgers)
 > while feigning Net public-spirit to mask IP search and
 > steal. In a telling slight, SAIC does not cite outturned-
 > pockets, beef jerky Cypherpunks.

Anonymous remailers are great, but I'm not sure how much good they do
if you have (or, I suppose, you are a brilliant imitator of) the
unmistakeable writing style of John Young.