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Re: what are these people selling????

>why is the cp meeting sponsored by sun?
>so we can hear a sales pitch on java?

Actually, the idea for the meeting came out of a discussion
at a party that Marianne and I attended last summer. Chip
Morningstar (one of the co-founders of Electric Communities)
and I were getting heavily into Java; also, my wife and I
were starting to write a crypto package for Java (JCrypt).

Subsequently, at a focus group meeting at Sun, we discovered
that practically all of us were on cypherpunks.

It's just a happy accident that discussion about Java has hit
a crescendo here on the list. I suggested to mrm that we have
it at Sun, since the warehouse loft space in SF where we've
been meeting, charming as it is, isn't a great spot for doing
presentations and would likely have capacity problems for this

So no, this is not some great conspiracy on Sun's part to
co-opt the list. You can return to your regularly scheduled
paranoid fantasies. Thank you....