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Re: IDEA algorithm

At 6:38 PM 10/12/95, Adam Shostack wrote:
>| This may be an odd question, but who is it that owns the IDEA algorithm?
>| We've had a number of requests regarding licensing RSAREF tying into
>| legitmizing PGP products. Part of that includes IDEA obviously.
>        Dr Peter Profos
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>        v. +41 65 242 885
>        fax _41 65 235 761
>        Now go buy a copy of Applied Cryptography, which answers this
>and other questions you might have. :)

I know.. I blush. I've become such a netjunkie that not being able to find
any of the answers on web pages, or Cypherpunk logs I just panicked.

Thank you everyone who sent me a message with the reference.

I'd say more, but I have to run and get my fix in.

(Btw... what would be the absolute coolest thing folk would like to see
added to RSAREF? That is, other than code that we will need to negotiate
for. What new thing, speed upgrade, enhancement, etc would just tickle?)


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