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Re: Anguilla Cypherpunks Meeting

On Fri, 13 Oct 1995 [email protected] wrote:

> Really? I thought except for incomes taxes, US laws only apply in American
> territory as opposed to applying to American people wherever they are (as 
> I heard Germany's does).

The US has frequently tried to reach citizens anywhere in the world.  
Thus when private ownership of gold was banned in the US in the '30s, the 
regs outlawed possession of gold by Americans anywhere on earth.

Likewise, when the Feds proposed federal licensing of space launch 
vehicles a few years ago, they proposed outlawing unlicensed space 
launches by Americans anywhere on earth.

Obviously, nuclear technology was controlled so that it was illegal for 
Americans who had nuclear skills to work in nuclear power plants in 
certain countries.

Such laws and regulations usually apply to US citizens (whether resident 
or not) and non-citizens who are US residents.

> What if you were a dual citizen (US/Canada in my case)?

Dual citizens are bound by the laws of both countries.