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Re: My chat with Goeff Greiveldinger

> Michael Froomkin <[email protected]> writes:
> I will be appearing with  Goeff Greiveldinger, he of the Justice Dept, at 
> a discussion of commercial key escrow next Thursday in Bethesda.  Anyone 
> with fun questions I should throw at him should contact me...

> Please note that the ostensible topic of this discussion is *commerical* 
> key escrow, not Clipper per se, so I have to be diplomatic....

You might try addressing the areas of liability for escrow agents.  If
private escrow agents can be sued for loss of information due to theft
or other authorized or unauthorized release of keys, their liability could
be horrendous, depending on the value of the compromised data. Gillogly
Software certainly will not be a commercial keyholder!

	Jim Gillogly
	24 Winterfilth S.R. 1995, 20:20