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   10-16-95. NYPaper:

   "The New Watchdogs of Digital Commerce."

      Think of them as a truth squad of cyberspace, these
      crusading graduate-student hackers from Berkeley. "This
      is a tradition of unfettered inquiry and curiosity,"
      said John Gilmore, "for hackers, nothing is sacred and
      everything is subject to verification before you can
      really believe it."

      "The hacker ethic is transferring some of its better
      lessons to the world of commerce," said Steven Levy,
      "we're groping for a way to use the Net in a way where
      information will flow freely and people can still make
      money. The hackers are going to help us find ways to
      have a more humanized system of commerce."

   "Will Netscape be the next Microsoft, or the next victim of

      Some investors believe Netscape could become "the next
      Microsoft." Other people believe that Netscape could
      become the next Microsoft victim, and that the next
      Microsoft is none other than Microsoft itself.

      All these new features of Navigator 2.0 send a clear
      notice to the industry that Netscape has no interest in
      bowing to the traditional Internet procedures for
      setting software standards by academic and scientific
      committee. The Internet has become primarily a
      commercial medium, where standards are set by whoever
      has the highest market share. It is a concept Microsoft
      knows well, and one that Netscape has grasped.

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