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Re: robo remailer

> Such are the uncertainties of using remailers.  What would have been
> nice, of course, would have been for Sameer ([email protected]), or
> whoever runs Community Conexxion, to post a bulletin here giving
> everyone a few days' notice before pulling the plug on this
> remailer.  Undoubtedly, people are still chaining through it and
> wondering why their messages/posts are not showing up.

	Account cancellations are automated. The account holder is
notified if pending deactivation 14, 7, and 3 days before the account
is deactivated. It is the remailer-operator's responsibility to notify
the world that the remailer will be going down. It is not my
responsibility to keep track of which remailers are running on c2.org
and which aren't.

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