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OS$ Hackwork

URL: http://www.oss.net/oss/

[Condensed version of ad in Wash Post 10-16-95]
Register Now For OSS '95: Fourth International Symposium
Global Security & Global Competitiveness: Open Sources
Solutions.  7-9 November 1995 in Washington DC


[Excerpt on workshops]

Hacker Panel (will be repeated 9 Nov 95). Winn Schwartau,
Chris Goggans, Eric Hughes, Emmanuel Goldstein on
specific vulnerabilities of typical national
communications and computing infrastructures, with
specific suggestions for improving both defense and
counter-intelligence against electronic terrorists and
criminals. Invited commentary from DISA, NSA, FBI.


Spys, Scholars, Hackers, Competitive Intelligence
Analysts, Law Enforcement Analysts, Private
Investigators, Journalists, and Information Brokers

Unique conference, acclaimed in the international media
and respected in professional circles. Addresses open
source intelligence (OSINT) strategy, policy, collection,
production, and hands-on specifics. Of vital interest to
all those who consider themselves experts or "knowledge
workers". OSS '95 will feature 25 world-class speakers in 
plenary session, 25 interactive interest and training 
groups, and 75 carefully-screened international exhibits.

Subject Area Themes [with TLA$ galore, gov and ex-s in biz]

7  Nov: Economic Competitiveness & Information Warfare

8  Nov: Military Operations Other Than War

9  Nov: Transnational & Domestic Law Enforcement

This year's conference includes several half-day 
pre-conference workshops on 6 November [including "two
hacker workshops"]:

1) an orientation on open source intelligence for
   first-time attendees,

2) the National Military Intelligence Association will
   conduct a workshop on "Defensive Information War
   Technology", and

3) the Operations Security Professionals Society will
   conduct sessions on open source counterintelligence
   and open source operations security measures.


To register or exhibit:

Voice: (703) 242-1700 / Facsimile: (703) 242-1711
<http://www.oss.net> or <[email protected]>

Open Source Solutions, Inc.
International Public Information Clearinghouse
11005 Langton Arms Court, Oakton, VA 22124