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Re: Weekly MixMaster list

What is the MixMaster list, and what is it for?
Apologies on my newbie status.

*!Cheese Doctrine:!*
    Though cultured over time,
and aged to perfection, one must
not yield to produce mold.  One
must also not belittle themselves
by conforming to the "whiz", but
melt over the unprocessed ideas
of Ghuda.

re reported. You don't need a strong authentication technique
>if a stolen card is easy to cancel.

The card's easy to cancel, but the cash ain't.  Credit cards are
cleared with the issuer.  Digital cash with smart cards acting as
transaction observers don't need this.  The thief need only transfer
the cash from the stolen card to his own, just like he does with
regular cash.

>Even with a weak PIN system for authentication, you can always provide
>a "duress" PIN, right?

Sounds like a better choice.