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Re: java flaw

> At 06:59 AM 10/17/95 UTC, jerry the golden retriever wrote:
> > A security feature in Java scans for viruses before activating the
> > applet.
> I hope that this is false.
> Even if one had genuine artificial intelligence, it would be impossible
> to detect all viruses, only particular viruses and classes of virus.
> If Java is secure, virus scanning should be unnecessary, indeed 
> impossible, because there could be no code configuration capable
> of acting as a virus.
> If virus scanning occurs, then it is possible to write a virus in Java,
> then Java is inherently insecure.

To be more precise, if there is programming, sharing, and transitive
information flow, viruses can reproduce and spread (as proven
mathematically in the mid-1980s).  Sice Java offers sharing of
programs and (for not at least) transitive information flow, viruses
are possible.

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