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Re: if-comp: Project to make Fact true (fwd)

This is the exact wording of the claim from my previous post (there are 
also a few other crypto claims being traded).

   Fact [comp]
   512 Bit number factored by '97
   Before 1997 GMT a number of the following form will have been
   factored. The number must be at least 512 bits long, and be the
   product of two primes, each at least 200 bits long. The factoring
   method must not rely on any special properties of the number (except
   the fact that there are only two factors). In particular, if the
   factors were chosen by the group doing the factoring, then the
   technique must not have used any information about the particular
   factors chosen. The result must be published in a reputable journal.
   The paper must include a description of how the factoring was
   accomplished. The result must be reproducible, at least in theory (it
   need not have been reproduced). To be judged one year later to allow
   time for publication. Note: 512 bit number means number >= 2^511 A
   project to factor 512 bit number might not qualify because the factors
   are too small or there are 3 factors. They will know before you. 
   Owner: [email protected], Wording changes allowed by Owner
   Posted to: sci.crypt, Interval: monthly
   Judge by: TBD on 98/1/1
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