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Re: The Anonymous Bounty Claim

Mats Bergstrom wrote:
> I am not technically competent to judge if his/her claim is worth
> reposting, but here it is, clipped from the very long Friday 13
> rant, as found at Raph's index site (Subject: Bugs Bounty??...shhh...
> I'm huntin wa'bits... From:[email protected]).

  Thanks for digging this one out.  I looked and didn't find it in
our local spool.

Alice de 'nonymous wrote:
> >>Content-type: multipart/x-mixed-replace; boundary=ThisRandomString
> >>
> >>--ThisRandomString
> >>Content-type: application/postscript
> >>
> >>Data for the first object
> >>
> >>--ThisRandomString
> >>Content-Type: multipart/parallel; boundary=ThisSecondRandomString
> >>
> >>--ThisSecondRandomString
> >>Content-Type: application/postscript
> >>
> >>Data for the second object
> >>
> >>--ThisSecondRandomString
> >>Content-type: application/postscript
> >>
> >>Deletefile
> >>Renamefile
> >>Filenameforall
> >>File
> >>
> >>--ThisSecondRandomString--
> >>
> >>--ThisRandomString--
> I think that the foregoing explains itself without me having to draw any
> more maps, than is absolutely necessary. The first data object sent is
> application/postscript. The second object is multipart/parallel.

  The above appears to be total trash:

	1) Netscape does not know about multipart/parallel, and will
		bring up a "save as" dialog when it is encoutered.

	2) The whole multipart/x-mixed-replace, multipart/parallel,
		server push thing is not interesting.  The final
		part with the naughty postscript could just be
		the main document.

	3) Netscape does not ship with a helper app configured for

  If a user configures a postscript viewer that has not had the
file operations disabled as a helper app to any web browser then
they are opening themselves up for a world of hurt.  The same is
true if they just download the file and run their viewer on it
manually.  The same is true if they configure /bin/sh as an
external viewer.

  Obviously everyone should heed perry's warnings and emasculate
their postscript interpreters before using them to view files
of unknown origin.


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