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Re: Postscript in Netscape

Dr. Frederick B. Cohen wrote:
> >   Why did I know you would be showing up in this discussion?  You
> > wouldn't be related to alice de 'nonymous would you?
> Is it Netscape's position that when people call them on their statements
> they make irrelevant comments and inflamatory remarks toward legitimate
> researchers who are freely helping them understand the security issues
> they apparently don't understand?

  Perhaps that comment was out of line.  If I offended you I apologize.

> >   I don't believe that Netscape claims to be some magic bullet that
> > will suddenly make your system secure when you install it.  We also
> > don't claim that it will detect viruses.
> You claim that you provide secure net access for the purposes of
> transactions - which you don't - and you have gotten an enormous amount
> of money from people who don't understand these issues based, at least
> in part, on your false claims.  Some people might interpret that as fraud.
> Now instead of trying to insult and put down people who have legitimate
> security concerns, you personally attack individuals, try to redirect the
> discussion away from the security flaws in Netscape, and try to hush the
> discussion with:

  I don't see how any product could meet your definition of "secure".
I think you've made your point, and I don't agree with it.  How you
pursue the matter is of course up to you.

> >   Dont you think we've wasted enough bandwidth on this?  I'm sure
> > most readers of this list are sick of it by now.
> I think that you should give a copy of this and the other messages on
> this topic to someone at Netscape who is responsible for protection and
> ask them to speak for the company and address these issues head on.
> Regardless of your disclaimer, when you speak on the net, we hear
> Netscape, and the sounds are starting to sound more and more like
> Microsoft to me.

  If you wish to get an official statement from Netscape, you should
contact our PR department.  Their number is 415-528-2802.


Jeff Weinstein - Electronic Munitions Specialist
Netscape Communication Corporation
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