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Re: Anonymity: A Modest Proposal

Hal said:
> This has always been the weak link in the remailer system: the last
> remailer in the chain takes the political and legal heat.

A cause of this is that the last remailer is the only agent in a
position to see the message before delivery, so it can be argued that
it should take responsibility for the decision to deliver.  If you
split the message into shadows, you avoid having anyone in this
position.  It can then be argued that nobody should pass along random
noise from unknown parties... you can't solve political problems with
technology, but you can make the politics increasingly absurd.

Well, maybe it wouldn't be considered too absurd.  "Remailing unknown
data is like letting scruffy-looking people put things in your
carry-on luggage."?  Pretty close, if you think speech is a bomb.

   Eli Brandt
   [email protected]