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Re: Postscript in Netscape

> From: sameer <[email protected]>
> 	In any case, it might be wise for Jeff to get a non-netscape
> account to do his cypherpunks posting from, so as to avoid
> confusion. (ObPlug: Community ConneXion offers mailboxes for just
> $5/month -- shell accounts for $7.50 ;-)

Oh that would be silly now wouldn't it?  If Jeff wants another account
that's his business, but people don't normally expect that you're a
spokesman for a company just because you work there.  Jeff even has,
like most of us, a disclaimer in his sig saying he doesn't speak for
the company.  Anyone that assumes otherwise is surely a newbie to the
net, and just like most bizarre assumptions that newbies make we'll
gently correct them, and they'll learn.


p.s. was sameer's post a spam?  <snicker;>  Please don't take this line
     seriously, it was said with tongue definately in cheek.
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