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Re: Tales from Tech Support

At 12:24 PM 10/18/95, Chris Claborne wrote:
>This is just one of the incredible "Tales from Tech Support" you can find on
>web page:
>Some poor SuperMac TechSport got a call from some middle level
>official...from the legitimate government of Trinidad.

[long story deleted]

Nice story, but the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago haven't had a coup since
1990, and that coup attempt was unsuccessful.  There was some tension in
Trinidad and Tobago last summer due to the speaker of the house refusing to
step down over some parlimentary issues, but it hasn't escalated into a
coup (yet).

If this happened, it happened in 1990.  But even then, the legitimate
government didn't fall.  Several key buildings were occupied by rebels for
a couple of weeks, and then the rebels surrendered and were pardoned to
great public outrage.

--Brian Bechtel, who shouldn't know so much about the Caribbean...