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This PROMISes to be odius


Tool Helps Federal, State, Municipal Agencies Stop the Criminal Element

      Enables Agencies and Departments To Build Data Warehouses of
         Intelligence To Better Manage, Analyze and Solve Cases

    MIAMI, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL), the world's
leading information management software company, today announced immediate
availability of Oracle Special Investigative Unit Support System (SIUSS)
Release 1.0, a Microsoft Windows-based software tool designed to help law
enforcement investigators more effectively manage and solve cases.  Oracle
SIUSS uses Oracle's industry leading information management technology to yield
new insights into criminal activity and significantly reduce the time needed to
bring cases to their successful resolution.  The software was introduced at the
International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Miami, FL.
     Oracle SIUSS represents a major step forward in the collection, storage
and analysis of case intelligence information for complex conspiracies, violent
crimes such as rape and murder, drug trafficking, and other major cases.

     The tool combines traditional analytical concepts with job-specific
information collection and lead generation analysis features.  For example,
Oracle SIUSS receives input from various investigative sources -- a
surveillance team, forensics expert, wire room operator, citizen tip -- and
makes the data available to agency management, analysts and investigators in
the form of leads on their cases.

     Oracle SIUSS offers advanced capabilities beyond traditional law
enforcement systems which simply gather and store factual information such as
name, birthdate, or time of a call.  Oracle SIUSS develops leads the way a real
investigator works, by starting with known facts and combining them in a way
that generates further insight and leads.

     Built upon Oracle7, the most popular relational database management system
in use by U.S. law enforcement personnel, Oracle SIUSS allows investigators to
uncover crucial criminal patterns by linking subjects, vehicles, locations,
businesses and other entities, within a case or among several cases.  Designed
in cooperation with federal, state, military and municipal investigators
working on real cases, Oracle SIUSS manages a comprehensive array of
investigative intelligence, including telephone information (toll, pen/DNR,
Title III), assets, financial data, arrests, seizures, credit card data,
surveillance, mail covers, trash pickup, and incidents.  Because Oracle SIUSS
is able to store information from multiple cases in a single database,
information can be cross referenced to uncover obscure relationships.  Oracle
SIUSS also helps the investigator build and document case information as it
moves towards prosecution.

     "Oracle has a long history of partnership with law enforcement," said Jay
Nussbaum, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Government. 
"Oracle software is the foundation of important programs within the FBI, INS,
Department of Justice, Customs, ATF, New Mexico Dept. of Public Safety, and
many other agencies at the federal, state, and local level.  We are proud to
introduce Oracle SIUSS to the law enforcement community, a tool designed with a
specific capability in mind -- stopping the criminal element."

    Capturing Data to Capture Criminals
    With Oracle SIUSS, Oracle for the first time delivers a commercial-
off-the-shelf software tool that layers the features and functionality
investigators require on top of industry-standard information management
technology.  The Oracle7 architecture provides a secure, flexible, easy- to-use
and administer environment in which law enforcement systems, including Oracle
SIUSS, can be incorporated.  Case information can be shared or kept separate to
any degree desired depending on the needs of the investigators.
     Through the course of an investigation, information shows up in hundreds
of bits and pieces at different times and places.  With Oracle SIUSS, once this
data is captured, the odds that it will be lost or overlooked are significantly
reduced.  Using Oracle SIUSS's automated link analysis, the time it takes to
generate and chase down leads is reduced by 20 to 100 percent.
     The law enforcement community as a whole benefits by this combination of
functionality and information management technology. Large agencies and small
departments alike can standardize on one underlying architecture for all of
their information processing needs. Concerns such as connectivity, security,
and portability, are now non- issues.  The net result is a significantly
enhanced investigative capability integrated into the overall law enforcement

     Oracle SIUSS uses a sophisticated pattern analysis process for analyzing
the timing and sequence of phone calls made by the target. This gives insight
into how the target and his associates work together within a possible
conspiracy.  For example, Oracle SIUSS generates a conspiracy index based upon
the relationship of calls made by the target to a set of phone numbers, which
reveals the degree of probability that the subscriber for a phone number is
involved in the conspiracy.

     Joint investigative operations between agencies or departments are
possible, if authorized, ensuring a high degree of control over what
information is available to which individual, department, or agency. Oracle's
secure database, networking, and encryption technologies control the flow and
accessibility of intelligence data outside the supplying agency.
     A typical Oracle SIUSS configuration consists of Windows PCs connected to
virtually any type of file server.  The price starts at $6,900, which includes
the Oracle7 database.  For more information about Oracle SIUSS, please call
(301) 633-0584, Ext. 7192.

     Oracle Corp., a $3 billion company, is the world's largest supplier of
software for information management, and the world's second largest software
company.  The company offers its database, tools and application products along
with related consulting, education and support services, in more than 90
countries around the world.

     For more information about Oracle, please call (415) 506-4000. Oracle's
World Wide Web address is http://www.oracle.com/.