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Re: Postscript in Netscape

I somehow think they've only gotten started.

Sue....Alice's cousin, waiting on real e$$$$ to start.

>Dr. Frederick B. Cohen wrote:
>> Jeff Weinstein - Electronic Munitions Specialist Wrote:
>> ...
>>         "Netscape can be used securely by sufficiently knowledgeable
>>         users who have emasculated their postscript interpreters before
>>         using them to view files of unknown origin, and who have removed
>>         all other known, unknown, and/or undisclosed security holes from
>>         their systems.  Otherwise, Netscape is insecure and should not be
>>         trusted."
>  Why did I know you would be showing up in this discussion?  You
>wouldn't be related to alice de 'nonymous would you?
>  I don't believe that Netscape claims to be some magic bullet that
>will suddenly make your system secure when you install it.  We also
>don't claim that it will detect viruses.
>  Dont you think we've wasted enough bandwidth on this?  I'm sure
>most readers of this list are sick of it by now.
>	--Jeff
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