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Re: MKE Threat Assessments

[quotes pulled out of context, sorry]
> I also strongly believe that you gravely overestimate the threat of MKE, 

I like to think of MKE in terms of a scenario like the Watergate break-in.
Imagine that Haldeman and Dean pull the right strings to get Liddy the 
escrowed keys used by the Democratic National Cmte. to encrypt their campaign

George Bush's favorite millstone, J. Danforth Quayle, seemed to do a
pretty good job of manipulating the legal system when it looked like Brett
Kimberlin wanted to chat with the media about his pot customers. I believe
this sort of abuse is a significant threat.

> [and] probably overestimate the interest LEAs have in your personal affairs, 

Ordinarily, I'd say you're right (speaking only for myself). But I suspect
that my active contributions to this list may have put my name in somebody's
Oracle database. (I certainly underestimated the LEAs' interest in Leonard 
Bernstein's personal affairs.) What a waste of time and tax dollars !

-Futplex <[email protected]>