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Re: REMINDER: SF Federal Building, Oct 20, 1015AM: Bernstein case

In article <[email protected]>, John Gilmore  <[email protected]> wrote:
>Last reminder!  Come to the Federal Building in SF this Friday at
>10:15AM, go upstairs to Judge Marilyn Hall Patel's courtroom, and Be
>There for the first skirmish in the trial of crypto export controls.
>450 Golden Gate Avenue in downtown SF, two blocks from Van Ness.
>We've gotten a lot of press interest.  Both the legal-newspapers in
>SF, the Examiner, and many others will be covering it.  Some of them
>breathlessly asked, "Will the cypherpunks hold a demonstration?", but
>what we will demonstrate is how the legal system can turn against the
>bureaucrats and authoritarians who currently hold crypto hostage.
>This will be a low-key meeting, quietly bearing witness, at least
>before we adjourn to a probably rowdy lunch at Max's Opera Cafe at Van
>Ness and Golden Gate Avenues.  If you can't come to the hearing, at
>least come for lunch!
>And don't forget, it's a costume party: Dress like a banker.  Even
>you bitbankers.  Even me.  See you there!
A handful of interested students from Manuel Blum's Crypto class at
Berkeley will likely be attending (sort of an unofficial field trip).
I've managed to raise awareness and interest in this issue among the

   - Ian "I doubt some of these grad students even _have_ banker outfits..."