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Re: REMINDER: SF Federal Building, Oct 20, 1015AM: Bernstein case


    john's comment to "dess like a banker" is VERY APPROPRIATE.  Many
bankers have bards and long hair (as long as they do not interface with
front line customers).  The issue is the THE "suit" --and the neatly
combed long beard and preferably ponytailed hair. 
    when I controlled big bucks, I couod get through the door of any 
swiss banker in Tshirt and jeans --now I wear my "funeral" suit!
    don't "intimidate" the judge with a crowd of anti-social rowdies 
(yes, us), and show respect for the judge --the demeanor of both the 
protagonists and the "court" influences the judge, and a win at this 
level makes sustaining the judgement through appeals significantly less 

On Wed, 18 Oct 1995, John Gilmore wrote:

> Last reminder!  Come to the Federal Building in SF this Friday at
> 10:15AM, go upstairs to Judge Marilyn Hall Patel's courtroom, and Be
> There for the first skirmish in the trial of crypto export controls.
> 450 Golden Gate Avenue in downtown SF, two blocks from Van Ness.
> We've gotten a lot of press interest.  Both the legal-newspapers in
> SF, the Examiner, and many others will be covering it.  Some of them
> breathlessly asked, "Will the cypherpunks hold a demonstration?", but
> what we will demonstrate is how the legal system can turn against the
> bureaucrats and authoritarians who currently hold crypto hostage.
> This will be a low-key meeting, quietly bearing witness, at least
> before we adjourn to a probably rowdy lunch at Max's Opera Cafe at Van
> Ness and Golden Gate Avenues.  If you can't come to the hearing, at
> least come for lunch!
> And don't forget, it's a costume party: Dress like a banker.  Even
> you bitbankers.  Even me.  See you there!
> 	John