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Re: SciAm Bye-Byes Privacy

>Scientific American, November, 1995
>Rights of Privacy
>Technology has its eyes on you
>But the search for personalization in a high-tech world
>may create an uncomfortable situation in the global
>village. Villages are safe places but not very private
>ones. Mrs. Grundy, peering from behind her lace curtains,
>did stop housebreakers. but she also tried to halt many
>other things of which she disapproved. There are signs
>that Grundyism is returning to Britain. 

For those who have neglected their education:


Theater --- "Speed the Plough" by English playwright Thomas Morton, 34. "Be
quiet, wull ye [says farmer Ashfield]. Always ding, dinging Dame Grundy into
my ears-What will Mrs. Grundy say? What will Mrs. Grundy think?"