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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult [NOISE]

Jeff Weinstein wrote:
>John Young wrote:
>> Responding to msg by [email protected] ("Josh M. Osborne")
>> on Sun, 15 Oct 12:0  AM
>> The PR of Bugs Bounty is the aim, as the quick-market-adapter
>> Netscape Chair speechified in FR.
>> Promoting the notion that hackers are earnestly attacking
>> Netscape and reporting its bugs increases its credibility to
>> the stock market porkers. Is that not why dear
>> all-too-attentive Jeff has been assigned duty on this list,
>> feeding peanuts to chimp hackers and champ newshacks?
>  I have not been "assigned duty" on this list.  I'm here of my
>own free will.  I want to keep up on whats going on in the
>cypherpunk world, and sometimes tap the expertise of the list.
>I'm not some corporate flack assigned here to "feed the chimps".
>My personal feelings definitely lean toward unimpeded strong
>crypto, personal privacy, freedom from govt. surveilence, etc.,
>and I was interested in this stuff at a personal level before
>joining netscape, or working on security stuff.
>        --Jeff

So a reviewer stepped in and accused the rock star of  having "sold out"...
Does working as a programmer for a "major label" on a top-40 hit mean
you're not true to your artistic roots any more?

Or does "working within the system" permanently disqualify you from
rebel/outcast status?

OK, sorry, enough of the cliches. :-)