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Re: Netscape rewards are an insult

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995 10:22:40 -0700, Alice de 'nonymous wrote:

>>From the "Orange Book", one of the volumes of the Department of Defence's
>"Rainbow Series" more commonly known as TCSEC (Trusted Computer System
>Evaluation Criteria) and available from: 
> U.S. Government Printing Office         INFOSEC Awareness Office
> Superintendent of Documents     - or -  National Computer Security Centre
> Washington, DC 20402	                 9800 Savage Road	
>                                         Fort George G. Meade, MD  20755-6000
>which stipulates that:
>      "... it is required that ADP (Automated Data Processing) systems
>       that "process, store, or use classified data and produce 
>       classified information will, with reasonable dependability, prevent:
>        a. Deliberate or inadvertent access to classified material by
>           unauthorized persons, and
>        b. Unauthorized manipulation of the computer and its associated 
>           peripheral devices."

I used to work in ADP security for the U.S. navy and can tell you that
at least the Navy's requirements also include the machine's physical
security and the networks that these machines may be connected to.  In
fact I believe that Secret information can only be stored on a machine
in vault or on removable media.  These are not things that the average
individual is going to do with there computer.  Netscape only attempts
to secure the information being transferred from a trusted client and
a trusted server.  I have yet to see Netscape claiming that if you
install their software on your machine that you will never again
suffer from data loss.  Your expectations are ridicules, Netscape
cannot be held responsible for the end user not properly configuring
their machine.  Please stop wasting everyone's time with your
ridicules rants.  If you must continue to post your idiocy stop using
an anonymous remailer so that the rest of us who want to use this
mailing list for intelligent discussion can kill file you.

Dan Weinstein
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