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Verisign and MITM

	I recently submitted a certificate request to Verisign for my
SSL web server. Looking over the process, I don't see how it avoids
MITM in any way.

The process:

A) I send to [email protected] the email address and phone
number of my webmaster (me) along with the cert request, generated
using SSLeay's 'req' utility.

B) I fax to Verisign a request letter saying "I have a right to use
the name Commmunity ConneXion, etc." and proof of right to use
name. (Berkeley biz liscense and Alameda Cty. fictitious bizname
statement, in my case.)

C) I snail mail them the same thing.

	I don't see any mechanism in place to avoid an MITM subverting
step (A), and putting in his cert request in there. There isn't a
strong cryptographic unforgeable relationship between my
usmail/fax/proof request and the emailed kx509 cert request.

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