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Re: Postscript and 50 ways [MAJOR NOISE] [long]

I too had to put up with Dr. Fred on the firewalls list.  I don't see what
you hoped to accomplish by posting this off-topic mean spirited stuff to
cypherpunks though.  There are many others here that are also on firewalls,
and we've let Dr. Fred speak for himself.  Everyone has already formed the
opinions they'll likely have, and it seems the only purpose of your tirade
is to mean-spiritedly kick a man when he's down.  It doesn't reflect well
on you, it wastes our time, and is a bit sickening.  Were you one of the
people making the geek dance in high school too?  I really wish you'd 
apologise to the list for this crap.  We're here to discuss cypercoolness,
not flame people, (whether they might seem to invite it or not).  Lately
this list has turned into a flame the geek list.  It's not quite the fun 
it once was, and it's embarassing to watch.

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