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Re: digital cash and identity disclosure

Scott Brickner writes:
>Andreas Bogk writes:
>>But as far as I got Chaums idea, Alice would not reveal Bobs identity,
>>but rather her own. Am I missing a point here?
>You're right.  Tim's wrong.  Bob can't spend the money Alice gave him
>without depositing it in the bank and getting new money issued.  Each
>coin has "This money was issued to Alice" as an invisible imprint which
>only shows up when two coins with the same serial number are together.

I don't understand how this could happen? The two coins are identical
(as I understood it from the tech backgound of ecash). what has a double-
spended coin what a copied single-spended coin not has?

Forgive if I missed relevant postings to this subject since I only read
parts from the list offline.

read you later  -  Holger Reif