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Re: Don't Kill the Messenger--A New Slant on Remailers

On Thu, 19 Oct 1995, Timothy C. May wrote:

> "You have a piece of mail awaiting at our mail delivery service. The
> originator is unknown. The title of the message is "Tentacles of Medusa
> Must Die!" You may retrieve this message by replying to this notification
> with the word "Yes" anywhere in the Subject field. This message will be
> kept for 60 days and then deleted."

I suspect that I could easily hack this into Mixmaster in a day or two,
but wouldn't it open you to attacks where Anonymous Fed, say, sends
terrorist kiddy-porn through your remailer and busts your ISP during those
60 days for possession ? I'm not sure if it would be better or worse than
current setups from that point of view. 

I might do it anyway, and set it up to only forward PGP-encrypted 
messages, but I certainly wouldn't be able to keep messages for 60 days 
with only a MB or so to spare.


"Yes Judge, when we siezed their computer we found 300 MB of *kiddy porn* 
and plans for *terrorist attacks* [that we'd mailed to the in the last two